Cockroaches; Get Rid of Them!

Roach Information

Roach Information

In Natural Solutions, there are tons of different chapters on different bugs. I’m going to let you know about some of the information shared in the chapter about cockroaches! It’s packed with lots of it, so I’ll condense it down.

Cockroaches are known by a number of different names, such as water bugs, palmetto bugs and cockroaches. They are bugs of the night and will go looking for any drop of water or food that may be in their grasp. They prefer to breed in warm, damp situations. Cleanliness will reduce or eliminate most roach problems. Americans spend about 1.5 billion dollars annually trying to get rid of cockroaches, but to no avail! They have become resistant to most pesticides and chemicals. They also spread approximately 33 kinds of bacteria…so the best way to avoid them? CLEAN KITCHEN!


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