Never Forget 9/11

Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11

Never forget the events that unraveled on September 11, 2001. This website provides you with a 9/11 Memorial Timeline so we can remember those lost during the attacks of 9/11. Always remember this day and God Bless America!


Are you a Gardener?

Vegetable Garden Care

Vegetable Garden Care

Is gardening your passion? Most gardeners put lots of time and tons of money into their garden to make it the best that it can be! But something always happens to get in the way…those darn pests and insects that ruin your vegetables and fruits! You don’t want to put harmful pesticides on your vegetables and fruits that you will eat later so what’s the solution? The Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You has an entire section on the all-natural ways to get rid of pests on a huge list of different plants, fruits and vegetables! Problem solved!

Happy Thanksgiving From Natural Solutions Pest Cures!

Happy Thanksgiving from every here at Natural Solutions Pest Cures and Telebrands! We wish you all a safe, happy and bug free holiday! 🙂 

As Seen On TV Sweepstakes!

Telebrands, the As Seen On TV company that brings  you Natural Solutions To Things That Bug You is hosting a “Making Life Easier” Sweepstakes on Facebook!  You can enter to win prize packs of great As Seen On TV products, gift certificates, and even OrGreenic nonstick cookware sets! Click here for the entrance to the Telebrands Facebook Sweepstakes!

Official Natural Solutions Book Commercial

Have you seen the commercial for Dr. Myles Bader’s Natural Solutions Pest Cures books?  These books detail all natural ways to get rid of bugs, insects and critters around your house.  Watch the official As Seen On TV commercial for the Natural Solutions Bug Book below.  Do you need the tried and true secrets from these books? Check out the Natural Solutions Book website to order it for yourself!