Don’t Allow Bed Bugs Where You Sleep!

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs have been known as human parasites for thousands of years. They are transported from place to place by man and our travel habits. They actually became a serious problem during WWII, but as powerful pesticides were making an appearance, they were almost eradicated in Western Countries. Bed Bugs are small, oval shaped insects that feed exclusively on blood. When looking for Bed Bugs, the easiest thing to do is identify bed bug fecal matter, which sometimes looks like mold, blood stains on sheets, etc. Natural Solutions has so much information on how to get spot bed bugs, get rid of them, safely dispose of bed bug infested items and so much more. For example, bed bugs will instantly die in excessive heat. So, steam cleaning a mattress will kill bed bugs on contact! Have more questions about bed bugs? Our book is full of information to keep you aware and knowledgeable.


5 Winter Pests To Watch Out For In Your Home

winter pests and bugs

During winter months, we tend to not be bothered by as many bugs and pests as the summer time. This does not mean, however that they aren’t hibernating in your house! Daily has a great article that lists 5 different bugs and pests to watch out for during winter.  From termites, to bed bugs and stink bugs, you are not safe during any season!  The article also lists ways to keep these winter bugs at bay.  You can also find out how to drive these bugs away naturally in the Natural Solutions Pest Cures book! Keep your house bug free all year long!