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Telebrands Summer Sales

Telebrands Summer Sales

Telebrands has launched 3 DRTV-supported books with the idea to save readers money and give them do-it-yourself solutions for the home. The first title called “Who Knew? 10,001 Solutions to Everyday Problems,” was written by a husband-wife team. In the past 20 years, this couple has collected time and money saving tips, and advice for making everyday tasks easier, which is featured in this 500-page novel.

The second books is titled “Dr. Bader’s Pest Cures: Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You”. It is a 400-plus-page book that features safe, chemical free ways (many of the natural solutions are already in the home) to get rid of pests like ants, mice and mosquitoes. Lastly, the third titled book is “Grandma Knows Best: Great Kitchen Secrets” is written by Chef Tony Notaro. It contains 5,000-plus secrets to save time and money in the kitchen while also providing kitchen safety, cleaning and organizing tips.


Happy Thanksgiving From Natural Solutions Pest Cures!

Happy Thanksgiving from every here at Natural Solutions Pest Cures and Telebrands! We wish you all a safe, happy and bug free holiday! 🙂 

Official Natural Solutions Book Commercial

Have you seen the commercial for Dr. Myles Bader’s Natural Solutions Pest Cures books?  These books detail all natural ways to get rid of bugs, insects and critters around your house.  Watch the official As Seen On TV commercial for the Natural Solutions Bug Book below.  Do you need the tried and true secrets from these books? Check out the Natural Solutions Book website to order it for yourself!

Natural Solutions To Things That Bug You Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions about the Natural Solutions To Things That Bug You Book or your order? Go to the FAQ page on the Natural Solutions Book Official Site to see answers from the most frequently asked questions!