Poisonous Plants in the United States

Poisonous Plants

Poisonous Plants

We share with you  a bunch of solutions to all the bug pests in and around your home, but with outdoor activity at a high during the summer, we want you all to be aware of the plants around that can more dangerous and pest-like than bugs! A couple of key plants to look out for are poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. Be aware of these poisonous plants! See if they’re in your area,  where to look for them, what they look like, and how to treat infected areas!

Have more fun outdoors in the wonderful summer weather with the comfort of knowing what dangers to look for!


Stop Spiders in Their Tracks!

Natural Solutions

Natural Solutions

Spiders aren’t a crowd favorite. In fact, most people would prefer if they didn’t come across one at all in their house, car, work place, and anywhere else for that matter! In Dr. Bader’s Pest Cures: Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You! book, there are so many easy problem solvers to any type of pest, including spiders. Let’s hear some information on stopping these annoying and scary creatures from bothering us anymore! Once you hear a couple of the facts, you’ll be itching to know more. So, let’s get to it!

Here’s some NATURAL methods of elimination of  nasty spiders. Did you know you can repel spiders by just placing a hedgeapple or two in the room where the problem exists? They have been used for hundreds of years as a crawling insect repellant. Another solution listed is the herbal solution of sprinkling pennyroyal in ares that spiders frequent and they will never come back! How about a solution to prevent cobwebs from returning in corners…just spray the area with a solution of 5% white vinegar with a teaspoon of coconut oil added. The spiders will leave the area alone! The amount of information packed into this book is endless.

HomeWorld Business Features Telebrands Summer Sales

Telebrands Summer Sales

Telebrands Summer Sales

Telebrands has launched 3 DRTV-supported books with the idea to save readers money and give them do-it-yourself solutions for the home. The first title called “Who Knew? 10,001 Solutions to Everyday Problems,” was written by a husband-wife team. In the past 20 years, this couple has collected time and money saving tips, and advice for making everyday tasks easier, which is featured in this 500-page novel.

The second books is titled “Dr. Bader’s Pest Cures: Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You”. It is a 400-plus-page book that features safe, chemical free ways (many of the natural solutions are already in the home) to get rid of pests like ants, mice and mosquitoes. Lastly, the third titled book is “Grandma Knows Best: Great Kitchen Secrets” is written by Chef Tony Notaro. It contains 5,000-plus secrets to save time and money in the kitchen while also providing kitchen safety, cleaning and organizing tips.

As Seen On TV Products Featured On Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” featured a segment on some of the hit As Seen On TV products from the company Telebrands.  Telebrands’ founder AJ Khubani demonstrated products including the Edge Of Glory knife sharpener, the Sticky Buddy lint roller, Aluma Wallet, Pocket Hose, Flip Jack pancake pan and more.  Watch this video segment from the show above, or on Youtube here! 

Happy Thanksgiving From Natural Solutions Pest Cures!

Happy Thanksgiving from every here at Natural Solutions Pest Cures and Telebrands! We wish you all a safe, happy and bug free holiday! 🙂 

As Seen On TV Sweepstakes!

Telebrands, the As Seen On TV company that brings  you Natural Solutions To Things That Bug You is hosting a “Making Life Easier” Sweepstakes on Facebook!  You can enter to win prize packs of great As Seen On TV products, Telebrands.com gift certificates, and even OrGreenic nonstick cookware sets! Click here for the entrance to the Telebrands Facebook Sweepstakes!